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Rural Development Tuki Association - Dolakha
Charikot, Dolakha, Nepal
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Rural development Tuki Association (RDTA) is a pioneer developmental organization established in 1991 in Dolkha. It has been an emblem of agricultural extension, rural community development and empowerment. Its History of Activity under Tuki approach however dates back to 1977 during the time of Integrated Hill Development Project (one of the SDC run projects) which brought up Tuki Approach into practice. From that time now, this approach has been one of the most effective tools in Rural Development and Empowerment.

Pictorial presentation of evolution of RDTA

Tuki Approach is based on the social mobilization of the community by the leader farmer. These leader farmers are selected by the community and they are given fifteen days of intensive leadership development, group formation and mobilization and agriculture technologies training.  After they get back to their community work for the dissemination of the knowledge they gain in the training. They are the liaison person between the Community and the Organization.

Tuki philosophy views the members of the rural community as “Roots” of the tree, which support whole of the structures but by themselves never get an opportunity of expression and their existence is always hidden. In this sense, TUKI approach is to bring these people up to the surface through community mobilization approach and agriculture production.
TUKI is a traditional oil lamp used in rural Nepalese households for lightening purpose. So TUKI is taken as metaphor for Leader Farmers diffusing light of knowledge. They are viewed as agency for disseminating knowledge and pioneering developmental efforts in the village.
After IHDP was phased out, all the TUKIs united and form their own organization the RDTA.