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Rural Development Tuki Association - Dolakha
Charikot, Dolakha, Nepal
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Tukis are the grass root level farmers with enhanced knowledge developed through Tuki Training, especially leadership development.  That time, Tukis used to be compared with roots which support the whole of the above ground structures but never got to come up by themselves. So Tuki approach is an effort to bring these community supporting structures up the surface by helping them in their empowerment and Skill development. This skill was more of Agricultural knowledge and practices but later, with the community dynamism, more of the components were and are being added.
After the project was over, these Tukis united and form their association in Dolkha district as Rural Development Tuki Association with 606 members throughout the district. Now RDTA has its member in almost every town of Dolkha District with its structure of Village committee, Area Committee, Central Committee (acts as executive committee). Due to this extensive reach in the community, RDTA has yet been one of the leading, exemplary organizations in the district.