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Rural Development Tuki Association - Dolakha
Charikot, Dolakha, Nepal
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Organizational Structure

RDTA has unique organizational structure with decentralization of power. On the top most level is general assembly. General assembly is formed by the 606 members from 51 Village committees and 11 Area committees. This assembly elects executive committee.

It has core administrative staff which works in close relationship and direction of the executive committee. This administrative staffs committee also helps the executive to make judicial judgment and decision. Appointment of new staffs is done by the executive committee.

To facilitate the decision process, it has management committee comprising of few members from executive committee and core staff member to facilitate reaching the quick decision. But however the ultimate decision will be of the executive committee.

It has divided the whole district into eleven area constituencies to make the launched program run effectively. This executive is the main legislative body of the organization. The administrative and other institutional works are directed according to the rules and regulation formulated by this committee.

Working Modality:

RDTA launches program on its area basis. Coverage of each of the project is expected to be at least one of the constituencies. But however due to financial limitation, there are instances, it launched its program in small cluster basis. Over all project management is done from the center and the concerned area committee plays advisory role and help the smooth running of the projects. to make decision to facilitate the smooth running of the projects.

Founder Members:

Chairman: Lal Bahadur Basnet

Vice Chairman: Benu Bahadur Karki

Secretary: Yagya Raj Dhungel

Joint Secretary: Harkaman Tamang

Treasurer: Ram Bahadur Lama

Member: Tatto Krishna Shrestha

Jaya Prasad Dahal

Wanchhe Sherpa

Sabitri Khadka

Current Executive Committee

Chairman: Jaya Prasad Dahal

Vice Chairman: Prem Kumari Chaulagain

Secretary: Haribamsa Chaulagai

Treasurer: Makar Dhoj Pakhrin

Joint Secretary: Shova Pokhrel

Members: Harkaman Tamang (Pakhrin)

Lal Bahadur Ghising

Badri Bahadur Katuwal

Kalyan Kafle

Doma Jirel

Ram Prasad Pakuwal

Ghanashyam Oli

Rine Sherpa