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Rural Development Tuki Association - Dolakha
Charikot, Dolakha, Nepal
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Rural Road extension happened in vary rapid rate throughout Nepal in the last few years. People have been benefitted out of the construction but at the cost of the environment. Most of the roads are constructed without environmental survey. These roads pass through fragile slope triggering landslide and soil erosion. Though the rate of erosion is not quantified, the muddiness of the water flowing through the river during the monsoon as seen increasing in the later days can be taken as proxy quantification to say that it is increasing every year.
Rural roads are seen to be constructed with two interests.

1. To ease the access to particular places
2. Two exploit the vastness of the forest resources that otherwise would not have been possible

Whatever be the purpose, natural resources is always at risk due to road construction.
RDTA has started to make forest resource inventory of the VDCs where it is launching different programs. Under this theme, it is making the total plant resource inventory with the categorization of herbs shrubs and the trees, estimation of standing biomass along the altitudinal gradient, carbon estimation, and tree trunk volume, regeneration pattern of major tree species, species richness along the altitudinal gradient and listing of the major useful plants.
Kalinchok VDC is found to be one of the hardest hit VDC due to rural road construction and rural electrification. RDTA explored the total forest resource cost due to these activities carried out without considering environmental factors. (Read full report)
These works are done in order to establish baseline to observe the changes that happen over time. This work will also assist the Conservation work that has been started within the framework of Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP).
RDTA is conducting the VDC sustainable development planning of the three VDCs of three districts Dolakha, Ramechhap and Sindhupalchok in partnership with NTNC ( Forest resource estimation and exploration will be done in these VDC too. This partnership has further strengthened the RDTA's involvement in environment and conservation.