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Rural Development Tuki Association - Dolakha
Charikot, Dolakha, Nepal
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Women and Children Empowerment and Livelihood Improvement Project (WOCELIP)

The project entitled "Women & Children Empowerment and Livelihood Improvement Project (WOCELIP) Dolakha" is a project that initially implemented in 2008 jointly by CWIN-Nepal and RDTA Dolakha as a peace dividend project with the aim to contribute towards peace building process in Nepal through increasing the quality of life in marginalized populations in the target communities. However, since 2009 WOCELIP is being implemented as a full-fledge project in the northern VDCs of the Dolakha District with the financial and technical support of FORUT- Norway. WOCELIP-Dolakha is being implemented in partnership of Rural Development Tuki Association (RDTA) Dolakha and CWIN-Nepal with financial and technical support of FORUT Norway in 8 northern VDCs of Dolakha. WOCELIP-Dolakha has been operating in three thematic areas of intervention - Gender Equality, Child Rights and Alcohol Drug and Development. There are four project RBMs namely Gender- Health (GE 6.2), Gender- Economic Empowerment (GE 7.5), Education and Protection (CR 4.5) and Community Interventions (ADD 3.5) each with their own impact statement. CWIN-RDTA partnership with financial and technical support of FORUT Norway started working in northern Dolakha since 2008, WOCELIP was actually started in 2009 with the funding from NORAD. The first year of implementation (2008) was directly funded by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affair. Initially, the project operated in only 5 VDCs - Alampu, Bigu, Chilankha, Kalinchok and Khopachangu. Babare VDC came into the implementation area in 2010. Finally, Laduk and Lamidanda VDCs were incorporated since 2012.

Working Area
8 VDCs (Alampu, Babare, Bigu, Chilankha, Kalinchok, Khopachangu, Laduk and Lamidanda) of Sorung Khola Watershed region of Northern Dolakha.

Project Duration

The main aim of WOCELIP is to improve the living standards of local communities, especially women and children from the project VDCs.


  1. 1. To improve the educational and health status of women, children and disadvantaged communities.

Major Interventions / Activities

  1. 1. Equipping local health centers physically, technically and instrumentally. (Construction of HPs, instruments support, capacity building of human resources).

Achievements' so far

  1. Significant improvement in health, education and livelihood status of target beneficiaries.

CWIN Nepal and FORUT Norway