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Rural Development Tuki Association - Dolakha
Charikot, Dolakha, Nepal
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  • RDTA, Dolakha wishes you HOLI (the festival of colors).
  • Inauguration of 36th TUKI day jointly by the CDO Dolakha, Chairperson RDTA and Founder Member RDTA on 13 Sept., 2013
  • A 'Pravat Feri' during the 36th TUKI Day celebration on 13, Sept. 2013
  • Off-seasonal Tomato Farming in Plastic Tunnel with the support of WOCELIP Project
  • Commercial Farming of Pepper in Alampu with the support of WOCELIP Project

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भुकम्पले क्षति पुर्‍याएका उत्तरी क्षेत्रका खानेपानी मुहान सुक्दै : पुर्ननिर्माणमा गैरसरकार
श्याम खतिवडा, दोलखा । वैशाख १२, १३ र २९ को शक्तिशाली भुकम्पबाट क्षति भएका दो
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WOCELIP Advisors's Meeting Held
Project advisors meeting was held on 23 June, 2013 at RDTA, Dolakha's training hall Charikot, Dolakha. The program was chaired by the Mr. Jaya Prasad Dahal, Chairperson of RDTA, Dolakha. Chief Distric
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